Post-Covid Restart & Current Hibernation

Current Status of Carcaptain as at 15 July 2020.

At present we are faced with a dilemma in as far as test bookings are concerned, availability of instructors and overall lack of commercial viability. 

The DVSA has a backlog of critical worker test bookings that have not been dealt with and a further backlog of 3 months of normal test bookings that they had on their books when the lockdown started on 23 March 2020. All driving tests were summarily cancelled at that stage. The DVSA also subsequently withdrew our access to the booking services.

It can also be seen that the DVSA have massive resistance from their examiners to return to work. This is quite understandable under the present circumstances.

We have now been granted very limited access to the driving test booking service, in as much as we are not allowed to do any bookings except for people classed by the DVSA as critical workers.

Until such time as the DVSA booking service, availability of cancelled driving tests for normal people, and the enormous backlog has been dealt with by the DVSA Carcaptain is not in a position to bring back its full workforce.

For this reason, we are operating on an absolutely minimised skeleton staff dealing only with live current booked, or bookable driving tests.

Our accounting staff and backroom support staff are therefore on furlough until it is viable to resume full operations again.

We will keep you updated on further developments and changes.


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