Coronavirus Notification ~ Pre-Lockdown Students

Students Registered Before the Lockdown - 23 March 2020

Notice to Carcaptain Instructors

Please do not simply continue with lessons with students who were passed to you before the Coronavirus lockdown. ( Before 23 March 2020)

It is not in the interests of the students to start lessons until we have a driving test booked for them, enabling the student to complete their lessons leading up to their booked test.

The student will lose money if they start now, having to maintain a test standard without knowledge of when a test may eventually be available to them.

If you have a pre-lockdown student who wants to continue with their lessons now, please liaise with the office before continuing with lessons.

Carcaptain is closely monitoring the test booking services being made available by the DVSA to ensure that the students get the best possible value for money in the effective use of the remaining lessons.

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