Instructor Claims Page

The form below has basically two sections to it.

The first section is the information needed to identify the student you are claiming for and the number of hours you need to be paid for in this cycle.

The second section is for us to identify you, the instructor, and also so that you can have an email copy of the claim submitted. There are very few mandatory fields.

Please contact us if you are struggling or need clarification on any of the requirements of the form.

Instructor Student Tuition Claim Form

For Instructors to claim hours worked for there students. Payment claims.

  • Please enter the student name or the Carcaptain Student reference number?
  • This is the total number of hours that have been allocated for the student on this cycle.
  • This is the number of hours that are being claimed, that have not been claimed yet, not cleared yet?
  • Total number of hours claimed so far including the current hours claimed this cycle.
  • If you would like a copy of the form you filled in sent to your email please fill in your email address here.